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Marty Wall provides an authentic, natural, relatable and distinctive voice for a wide range of clients--clients who understand that the best way to reach real people is with real communication. Marty's work is used in advertising, network and cable television, affiliate television, documentary and corporate narration, radio imaging and just about any other form of audio and video production. Commercials, promos, instructional and technical video, web pages, flash presentations, interactive, IVR and other voice messaging, educational and training, news releases, newscasts, sportscasts, play-by-play, trade shows, public address and stadium announcing, station voice, concert promos--Marty Wall has done it all. Warm, dry, intimate, young and edgy or mature and comfortable. Upbeat, energetic, authoritative, witty, wise, smooth, professional, clear, friendly, smart--Marty can take your direction to get exactly the read you need.

Marty Wall
Any Kind of Voice. Every Kind of Real.

Authentic sports play-by-play, Baseball announcer, Football announcer, Basketball announcer, Newscaster, Real midwestern dialects, Redneck voice, Urban Chicago voice, Upper Midwest voice, Texas voice, Oklahoma voice, Iowa voice, Kansas voice, Game Show Host voice, Elvis voice, Anglican Priest voice, Grandpa Simpson vocie, old man voice

Commercial voiceover, Corporate Narration, Documentary Voice, Promo Voice, Radio Imaging Voice, Affiliate Television Voice.

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